Title: The Law and the family  
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Under British Law, the interests of the child are paramount. A plethora of legislation exists to ensure the well-being of the child in every case, from the care, provision and protection of children in the home, to that of the duties and responsibilities placed on teachers, carers, institutions and the wider public, whose work or leisure brings them into contact with children.

Such meticulous legislation, whilst excellent in its design can, in its execution, be complex and obtrusive. Such can be the case in the breakdown of the family, divorce, and the inevitable agreements, or disagreements, over custody, alleged abuse, financial provision and responsibility or institutional failure on behalf of the child. The list goes on.

In the breakdown of relationships, for example, there is the inevitable question of maintenance payments. Most will agree to the duty of care in making such provision, but how much, for how long and under what circumstances? For the parent with custody and therefore the responsibility of upbringing, the interference of the absent parent can be unjustly obtrusive. For the absent parent, nevertheless making financial, or other provision, limited access, lack of say in educational matters and dismay at the social environment in which their child is being raised, will raise problems. These problems can only ever be satisfactorily debated and legally settled with any assurance, through the courts. Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan have specialist knowledge and expertise in Family Law.

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