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Accidents / Personal Injury

It is now possible to make a clam for compensation following an accident on a 'no win - no fee' basis. Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan can advise you as to whether compensation is likely to be awarded in respect of a personal injury suffered by you at work, on the roads or as a result of a trip or fall. Advice on liability and the appropriate award of damages is available, and, when necessary, the opinion of medical experts and specialist personal injury barristers will be sought.

Compensation does not necessarily follow an accident or injury, so find out quickly whether you have a claim by consulting Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan.

Employment Law

Knowing your rights as an employee can change your working environment for the better. Ensuring that you are treated fairly by your employer can make a difference to almost every aspect of your employment, be it your pay, working conditions, promotion prospects and/or selection for redundancy.

Or perhaps you are an employer seeking to implement and follow up-to-date Regulations and Codes of Practice in relation to disciplinary measures, redundancy and/or the transfer of a business to new employers.

Advice and representation is available from specialist solicitors in making or responding to a claim in an Industrial Tribunal.

Consumer Affairs

Granville West, Chivers & Morgan can advise you on your rights if you have paid for faulty goods or shoddy services, including poor holidays. We can also advise you in relation to consumer credit and hire purchase agreements.


Within these pages you will find a comprehensive guide to all our services, together with useful information, designed specifically to help you identify the way in which we can help you. However, owing to the complexity of the law and the individuality of every case, this information should in no way be used to form any case, other than with our qualified and explicit guidance and instruction. Failure to comply with this warning can put you at risk, for which Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan cannot be held liable.
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