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Making a Will

Without professional advice when making a will, the consequences can be disastrous. It is not unknown for beneficiaries to be inadvertently disinherited by a testator failing to comply with the necessary formalities in making a will. Expert advice is needed - as getting a will right can be extremely difficult and very expensive to put right - if indeed this is possible.

It is particularly important to have an effective will if you have children or are in a unmarried relationship where the general law can produce very undesirable results. These can be avoided altogether by making a will.

Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan offers several very experienced solicitors who deal with estates of all sizes, no matter how great or how small. Our solicitors can be appointed as Executors, trustees, and provide advice on issues of inheritance, income, taxation and Capital Gains Tax. Our full probate service includes specialist advice and representation in inheritance disputes.

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Within these pages you will find a comprehensive guide to all our services, together with useful information, designed specifically to help you identify the way in which we can help you. However, owing to the complexity of the law and the individuality of every case, this information should in no way be used to form any case, other than with our qualified and explicit guidance and instruction. Failure to comply with this warning can put you at risk, for which Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan cannot be held liable.
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